Mazatlán has a new National Gastronomy Council


This new business body will seek to represent our culinary culture, train its workers to provide a better service

MAZATLÁN.- The gastronomy of Mazatlán is considered one of the best in the country, reason that has motivated the National Chamber of Commerce to create the National Council of Gastronomy of Mazatlán (CONAGAM), which aims to position local gastronomy in the world .

This new business organization will seek to represent the culinary culture, train its workers to provide a better service, as well as promote the trust and professionalism that characterizes the port’s restaurants.

40 local restaurants are already affiliated, among which are: El Pargo & La Vaca, Yoko, El mar del puerco, Hello Sushi, Nice, La Botana, Alioli and the Tachycardia of the chef.

Its president, Rogelio Núñez Sosa said that this group has the purpose of joining efforts to continue promoting local gastronomy, but above all to serve as support for those places that are starting.

“We are here to learn, we are there to support and teach, we have a lot of experienced people, we will serve as support to continue working to offer better services.

And what about the CANIRAC?

CONAGAM will carry out practically the same tasks as the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry, the fact that they now exist will give Mazatlán more opportunities to continue being one of the favorite gastronomies in all of Mexico.

In a survey carried out by the Federation of the National Chamber of Commerce (FECANACO) in the port, people come to Mazatlán for three things, firstly its beaches, secondly its tourist sites and thirdly for its gastronomy.