At least 20 road accidents were registered in Zona Dorada with “mega speed bumps”

Heavy machinery began with the elimination of speed bumps in Zona Dorada. Photo: Fausto McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan

The mayor points out that there was a lot of social pressure for these speed bumps, in addition, the urgency to remove them has been the numerous traffic events since they were placed

Mazatlán, Sin.- Shortly before noon this Monday, the removal of the pedestrian overpasses on Avenida Camarón Sábalo in the Golden Zone began, where at least 20 accidents took place.

The “mega speed bumps” were placed in August of last year by the Arhe Group with the purpose, supposedly, of reducing road incidents in this area, although there were never any road studies to prove it, even the permit was not even requested, rather it was an agreement between the business group and the mayor of that time Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

These speed bumps would favor a gastronomic corridor that is being built in this area, and which would favor The Inn at Mazatlán hotel with the gastronomic complex, both belong to the same Arhe Group.

The current municipal president, Edgar González Zataráin, said there was a lot of social pressure for the mega-bumps and the urgency to remove them has been the numerous traffic events that have occurred since they were placed.

From September 2021 as of to date, twenty traffic incidents had occurred, in which 15 people were injured, seven had to be taken to hospitals and 27 cars, five motorcycles and one bicycle were involved.

The elimination of these bumps was conducted in agreement between the business group and the municipality, and the expenses generated will be cover by both parties.

The one from the cathedral stays

In August, another elevated pedestrian walkway was built between the Cathedral and the Municipal Palace, but this the City Council built it.

In this regard, the city declared that on this one public resources were invested for the amount of $ 254,210.13 pesos.

“The one over the cathedral stays, remember that the works are audited, they are a public resource, I cannot remove it if it has not reached the Audit in its normal period, which is the next year, once they are audited, before that it cannot be moved,” the mayor explained.

Source: El sol de Mazatlan