Report of armed attack in Mazatlán school generates police mobilization


The police officers met with the director of the educational establishment, who mentioned that they have not received any report of an attack with a firearm inside the institution.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After the appearance of a message on social networks, where it was warned of alleged attacks with a firearm in a private school, located in the Marina area, in Mazatlán, the police authorities ruled out any criminal act in the educational establishment.

The Municipal Public Security Secretary, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, reported that upon learning of what was appearing on social networks, the Municipal Police officers were sent to the scene and reported that the activities were carried out without any mishap.

When speaking with the director of the educational institution, she mentioned that she had not received any report on the situation manifested by the elements, the same response that there was from the authority of the primary and high school area of ​​the same school.

In order to provide security and peace of mind among parents, Barrón Valdez instructed the sector commanders to reinforce preventive routes at the entrance and exit times of the students.

Likewise, the Secretary of Municipal Public Security asked teachers and parents to issue their reports immediately in case of detecting any risk situation for students.

It is worth mentioning that this would be the third time that an aggression alert has been generated in educational establishments this year, so far they have been false alerts in WhatsApp groups.


The Mazatlan Post