Mazatlán and company had a tourist “good end”


The general director of Promotur Sinaloa, José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije expressed that the mobility of the tourist and the local spread throughout the different municipalities such as Cosalá, Elota, and San Ignacio

MAZATLAN. – Sinaloa lived one of its best weekends of the year, especially Mazatlán with an influx of 90 percent hotel occupancy, closing with its Good End of the revolutionary long weekend holiday.  

This information was given by the general director of the Trust for the Promotion of Tourism in the State, José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije, who registered, with data from hotel associations, a large influx of both national and foreign tourists.   

“It represents an important economic benefit not only for Mazatlán, since the tourist weight was dispersed in nearby towns such as El Quelite and the El Habal-La Noria gastronomic corridor,” he declared. 

And it was easy to distinguish them, families with shirts with the legend of Mazatlán, riding in pulmonias or aurigas, with shorts and hats, something different from what the local wears, because for some Mazatlecos this weekend it got cooler.  

Walking along the boardwalk, sitting under a palapa by the sea, lining up to enter the aquarium, going up to the lighthouse at noon to have a resplendent photo in the glass viewpoint and even taking a catamaran ride.  

Reséndiz Memije expressed that this weekend there were many activities, from the Magical Town of Cosalá, with its Saturday Candlelight Nights, passing through San Ignacio with the celebration of International Musician’s Day; Celestino Gasca, with the Shore Fishing event, while in Concordia it was the Caín Road Racer motorcycle fair.  

“We are glad that this type of activity takes place because hundreds of families that directly depend on tourism benefit,” he said. 

The general director of Promotur pointed out that, in order to maintain this favoritism among tourism, one must be committed to promoting the attractions and services offered by communities with a tourist vocation so that the economic spillover benefits its inhabitants.  


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