Help the puppies, participate in the first ‘Coquetón’ in Mazatlán


With the idea of ​​helping street dogs, the “Give me your paw” Foundation launched a nice support program

MAZATLAN. – Seeking to contribute to society to integrate street animals, in this case dogs, the National College of Technical Professional Education (Conalep II) announced that next Thursday, November 24, at the point of At 11:00 a.m., together with the “Give me your paw” Foundation, an event called “Coquetón” will be held. 

Francisco Pulido Sarmiento, president of said foundation, together with Celina Tirado, a professional physical conditioning instructor, and the director of Conalep II, Lili Rosa Rodríguez Lerma, disclosed the details of this great event, where they estimate to have a good response from the people.  

Pulido Sarmiento explained that this activity is intended to touch the human side of people, since today they care for around 70 dogs that were rescued in an unpleasant situation, where they are being treated with food, veterinarians and cleaning.  

He explained that “Coquetón” is a project that seeks to raise awareness and collect, through donations from citizens, food, accessories and utensils that allow them to give some help to the animals of said Foundation.  

“What we are doing is trying to team up and thus raise croquettes, cleaning products for three places that people call shelters or shelters that really are spaces for this type of puppies,” he said. 

He explained that the brand of cleaning products or croquettes does not matter, since everything is well received, whether for adult dogs or puppies; He added that they do not have a goal to collect kilos of products, since the intention is for people to support.  

In addition, all participants will be able to take part in the master class, under the “Gimnasios Unidos” program, which will be taught by the renowned trainer Celina Tirado, where everyone with their pet can attend to receive the course in support of the campaign called “Coquetón ”.  

The event will take place on Thursday, November 24, at 11:00 a.m., at the Conalep facilities, Mazatlán II campus, located in Aquiles Serdán, almost on the corner with Miguel Alemán avenue. 

The Mazatlan Post