New variants of Covid in Sinaloa?


Rocha Moya calls on the head of the Institute of Health for Well-being to receive the promised resource and start up the new General Hospital of Culiacán.

MAZATLAN. – New variants of Covid-19 are emerging and given the concern of the population, the Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, clarified that the presence of infections with the recent variables is ruled out in the state.  

He even mentioned that the evolution that Sinaloa has had with respect to Covid-19 is favorable, because per week, the level of infections that are reported is at least 50 cases, therefore, you should not panic when thinking about the new variants. 

“On the other hand, some variants have been reported that even the press has been bringing out a variant that has been called ‘nightmare’ or ‘evil dog’, these variants have been detected, but in Sinaloa we do not have those variants,” commented.  

González Galindo pointed out that at the national level only one case has been reported in Baja California and others in Mexico City and Querétaro, giving a total of approximately 20 cases. 

“These variants, although they have a long stage of transmission, have not been reported to increase mortality or worsen the evolution of the disease. In Sinaloa, we are free of these variants for the moment and an increase in cases or in the number of deaths or hospitalization has not been reported, ”he said.  

According to the Ministry of Health, to date, there are approximately 60 people sick with Covid-19 under treatment; They also report 99 percent availability of hospital beds. 

What about INSABI 

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya called Juan Ferrer, general director of the Institute of Health for Well-being to send the federal resource that is assigned to the state to be able to start operations in the new General Hospital of Culiacán, since for more than a month it has been had promised.  

With this resource, the Urban Health Center will also be launched, but, explained the Secretary of Health, none has been able to start up due to the lack of this resource, which, at the request of the governor, is already labeled.  

“From here I tell my friend Juan Ferrer to apologize, I have informed the media, it will last two months, he told me, I didn’t even manage it, he spoke to me and told me ‘the resource will arrive tomorrow’, I He lied,” said Rocha Moya.  

It is about 32 million pesos for the Culiacán Urban Health Center to start up, in addition to another 43 million pesos for the Culiacán General Hospital, that is, between both medical units, it would be a resource of approximately 75 million pesos.  


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