Mazatlan’s breathalyzer checkpoint continues during the weekend, 60 people are sanctioned


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The actions aimed at reducing accidents due to the combination of intoxicating drinks and driving, yielded figures on a par with the previous week, highlighting the Deputy Director of Municipal Traffic Juan Sérgio Camacho Torres.

The Head of the Traffic Directorate reported that during the three days in which the Breathalyzer device was implemented, 434 spirometric tests were carried out at three different points, a total of 319 men tested positive, while 115 women were detected.

According to the statistics, four men were left before the civic judge for not covering the corresponding sanction, in addition, another 60 people received a warning for the situation in which they were driving, and three of these people could not deliver their units to a sober family member and were taken to the towyard, 53 were delivered on the spot.

Visitors in their units also went through the breathalyzer device, and 13 of them tested positive.

In terms of accidents, 20 of them marked the statistics, 14 people were injured and unfortunately, two lost their lives.


The Mazatlan Post