Mezcal Medicinal mix? With a scorpion, a snake, or a maguey worm!


Whether in juices or creams, these mezcal-based drinks contain extracts of noni, neem, and moringa, in addition to being sweetened with agave honey, say the merchants of the Expo Artesanos de Oaxaca

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. -Have you heard of medicinal mezcal or seen liquor bottles with a scorpion, snake, or worm inside? Maybe not, but this is the main attractive argument with which those attending the Expo Artesanos de Oaxaca that takes place in the parking lot of the Soriana Independencia square, in Los Mochis, are attracted to this particular position .

And it is that by offering the traditional tasting of mezcal to the people who come to the expo, either in juice such as cranberry or in creams flavored with coffee, pistachio, piña colada, walnuts and a great variety more, they explain that they contain extracts of four medicinal plants that are noni, neem, immortelle and moringa, in addition to being made from almond milk and sweetened with agave honey, for which they claim to have permission from the Health authorities, or at least that is what the merchants like Cristian Quintero.

“What are the mezcals that contain viper used for? When a scorpion stings us, the antidote is the same poison but chemically processed, pharmaceutical companies sell it, the vaccine costs 4,000 pesos, it is called Alacramin, what mezcal does is a natural process”.

“And since it is medicinal, this mezcal should be taken in doses of two teaspoons on an empty stomach daily but above all with great faith,” explained the merchant of these artisan drinks made from agave distillate.

And it is that according to Oaxacan mythology, scorpion liquor helps fight cancer cells and is an aphrodisiac and that is why it sells very well with varied prices depending on the size and type, since there are from 150 to 3 thousand pesos, they add the merchants.

Medicinal mix?  With a scorpion, a snake or a maguey worm!

At the Expo Artesanos de Oaxaca they assure that this medicinal mezcal has 45 degrees of alcohol and that another of its properties is to strengthen the defenses of the immune system.

The Expo Artesanos de Oaxaca opens from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will remain until the 28th, after which it will move to Culiacán.

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