Do you know the Magical Towns of Sinaloa? Here we tell you


There are four Magical Towns of Sinaloa: Cosalá, Rosario, Mocorito and El Fuerte and each one has particular characteristics that make them unique and worthy of a visit.

MAZATLÁN.- In Sinaloa we have four Magical Towns: Rosario, Cosalá, Mocorito and El Fuerte, and each one has characteristics worthy of more than one visit from you, especially when it comes to promoting tourism in your own state.


It is known for its mining potential and home to an icon of regional Mexican music, which even has its own museum and mural, where you can see the clothes she wore, we are talking about María Lucila Beltrán Ruiz, better known as “Lola la great”.

Its foundation dates from 1655 and you can notice it in the facades or structures of some of its streets; It has a suspension bridge that is the favorite of many who seek souvenir photography, its church is also very popular and has one of the most important festivities, the Day of the Virgen del Rosario. It is currently the only Magical Town in southern Sinaloa.


It is the first Magical Town that Sinaloa achieved and one of the most famous in Mexico. It is one of the favorite places for lovers of adventure tourism.

It has caves and waterfalls in the middle of the mountains, which make it a place to practice extreme sports, but it also has a town with culture and history, surrounded by folk dance and an ancient festival, the Fiesta de las Velas.

It also has hot springs in a place known as Vado Hondo, which is 12 kilometers from the municipal seat; In addition, it is one of the favorite places for the macaws when they fly during the migration season. 

El Fuerte

It has natural, cultural and historical attractions that enchant with its indigenous heritage. In fact, this town received this name thanks to the fort that the colonizers built in order to defend themselves against the attacks of the Tehueco Indians.

It is known for its train station, connecting with Chihuahua through the famous “Chepe”, the only train in the country that is used for passengers and that crosses the Copper Canyon. 


The famous home of sunflowers has been a Magical Town for a few years, it became popular until recently with its new attraction, a field of sunflowers that left many Sinaloans who had never visited it open-mouthed. 

Even so, Mocorito is more than sunflowers, it is the home of chilorio, the one you eat with some beans on the side. It also has huge murals that narrate the history of the municipality and is known as the Athena of Sinaloa. 

Its cemetery is one of the most popular in the country, it has such a characteristic beauty that it has also become a tourist must-see. 

Now that you know a little about them, go ahead and take advantage of the weekend to visit one of them and now you can say that you know all of Sinaloa.