Meet new board of directors of Sales and Marketing Executives of Mazatlán


The new board of directors of the Association of Sales and Marketing Executives of Mazatlan for the period 2022-2023, led by Celso Fernando Benítez de la Herrán, protested this day.

The organization, whose purpose is to improve living standards through new sales and marketing systems, brought together its partners and sponsors to announce the new board of directors.

The new president of the executives, Celso Fernando Benítez, in delivering his speech, said that he will be committed to working hard for the community he represents.

It will make a team force and with empathy, which will focus on doubling the membership, providing training to its partners, all this for the benefit of the members, following up on the programs that were held within the organization and making links with the general chambers. , thus creating openness to dialogue.

During the event, awards were given to the outgoing president, Antonio Zúñiga, and to the president of the Mexican Confederation of Sales Executives, David Mora Grijalva, for their performance and support for the union.

This directive was made up of Celso Fernando Benítez, as president, Roberto Osuna Mellado Technical Vice President; Jesús Bracamontes Rodríguez, Vice President of Special Events; Edgar Pérez Tovar secretary; Zaira Urías Montoya Treasurer; Jorge Luis Medina Curator; Luis Alfredo Muñoz and Luis Eliodoro Gómez, will be in charge of the Surveillance Committee.


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