Mazatlán’s Carnival of the dead returns, find out where and when


With great emotion, we invite you to the first edition of the Day of the Dead Gala in Mazatlan, a show with more than 120 artists on stage.

The next parade to be held in Mazatlan this November 2 in Olas Altas on the occasion of the Day of the Dead.

The Municipal Civil Protection Coordinator highlighted that the Day of the Dead parade will replace the Callejoneada this year, which will be the first parade to take place in Mazatlan since the pandemic began and also estimates a maximum influx of up to 15,000 attendees.

The show and performance called “From Mictlán to the Carnival of the Dead” will be in charge of the teacher Gualberto Castro and Ernesto Crespo under the direction of Momo Creaciones Artísticas.

A great hotbed of talents united for the enjoyment of Mazatlecos, national and foreign tourists.

I hope to have your support, let’s celebrate together a very Sinaloan day of the dead.

Thank you for allowing us to dream together and enjoy our creations, 12 years of creating the spectacular catrinas of Momo Creaciones Artísticas, fighting day by day to be able to give a regionalism to the catrina of Mazatlán Sinaloa, a different style of living the experience of the day of the dead, with a festive soul to offer worship to our loved ones who departed from this earthly world.

The idea arises within the Day of the Dead callejonadas held in the historic center of Mazatlan, where the catrina lives her night with Sinaloa tambora music, rivers of confetti simulating petals that paint the streets with colors while the living live their duel to the sound of the band and toast with beer the memory of a loved one.

Ruiz Gastélum pointed out that the parade this November 2 could be, perhaps, the largest public event that Mazatlán has had since the pandemic began.

The spectacular catrinas are a seal created by the artist Luis Antonio Ríos González who is affectionately known as Momo. After creating a unique style that represents us as a different version of southern Mexico.

We are unique nationally and internationally.

Today the catrinas live the magic of Mazatlán, they have shaken the earth and frosted their bones to live a carnival of the dead, a chronology through time that begins with our ancestors until it reaches the contemporary catrina with shades of a carnival.

Mazatlán is unique because it lives two annual carnivals “the carnival of the living and the carnival of the dead”

Past Dia de los Muertos Callejonada

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