Mazatlán can be strengthened as a sustainable tourist destination


The northwestern part of the country met in Mazatlan to propose strategies in favor of the environment, in the Regional Forum on Climate Change Impacts: Vulnerability and Adaptation.

MAZATLAN. – Can the development and growth of a city go hand in hand with the environment and sustainability? For the general director of Climate Change Policies of the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change in Mexico, INECC, Agustín Ávila Romero, says yes and that Mazatlán is on time and it is time to strengthen itself as a sustainable tourist destination.  

He mentioned that, in order to work on it, there must be a process of land use planning, just as was done at the time in the Riviera Maya area, ordering the ecological processes that protect environmental services and that at the same time allow economic activities. with which the population is sustained.  

“This is Mazatlan’s opportunity to strengthen itself as a sustainable tourist spot in the Pacific. We only have one planet and we have to cool it down as soon as possible so as not to suffer these extreme weather events, we need the decarbonization of the economy that implies thinking about industry, transport and services with the lowest carbon emissions”, he declared.  

Ávila Romero pointed out that the trends show that climate change, over time, will deepen its effects in the country if action is not taken or has been taken, which, for a destination like Mazatlan, can correct and lead its way. towards sustainability.  

“If this development is planned properly with the people and seeing the provision of environmental services, it can go, if the process is simply one of real estate speculation and the appropriation of hotels in ecologically beautiful areas, but without an environmental management plan, then there is no compatibility in that field,” he said.  

The recently announced World Trade Center project is planned to be built under sustainable modalities and with operations that mitigate the effects of climate change, adopting the habits of solid waste management, water saving, and electricity, among other functionalities.  

They hold a regional forum on climate change and vulnerabilities 

The director of the INECC was present in Mazatlan at the Regional Forum on Climate Change Impacts: Vulnerability and Adaptation, where academics, authorities, students, and activists from states such as Sinaloa, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nayarit, Baja California, Baja California Sur, met. Durango and Colima.  

In this, informed Agustín Ávila, it is sought that those involved listen and understand how climate change is impacting the areas of the region and together set up work tables aimed at the National Photo that will be held in Puebla on October 22 and 23.  

“That we all contribute to building the national climate adaptation policy, which is the final meaning of this national forum, that we have lines of work, general as a country to be able to work. 


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