In Mazatlan they release baby sea turtles


Children and adults, both locals and tourists, participated in the activity carried out by the Aquarium.

To promote the care and conservation of sea turtles, the Mazatlan Aquarium held a release of hatchlings in which girls and boys, even older adults, both from the city and tourists who are on vacation in the port, participated.

David Aguilera, a visitor to the city of Guadalajara, said he was a fan of this marine reptile, so living this experience is something that will be etched in his memory forever.

“This is an experience that is not forgotten, because the fact of seeing a frailty walking at such speed and others slower, but all with the same goal of starting to live a very long life, is very emotional, personally it moves me a lot,” he said.

For little Blanca, originally from FresnilloZacatecas, this represented an apprenticeship to be more aware of caring for animals.

The release of the baby sea turtles is the last step of the Conservation Program for the Sea Turtles that arrive at the Beaches of Mazatlan, which the Mazatlan Aquarium has been carrying out for 32 years.

The release took place on the beach located between the Park Inn and Torres Mazatlán hotels.

The Aquarium is in charge of protecting the beach area, which is divided into five areas, which are CerritosGolden Zone, Del Mar Avenue, Pinitos, and Olas Altas.

The sea turtle nesting season occurs in Mazatlan from June to November; Five species arrive at the port, of which three nest (olive, leatherback and black) and two feed ( loggerhead and hawksbill ).

If you see a turtle nesting on the beaches, you can report it to 911 or by calling 669 9817816.

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