Video of oarfish captured on the coast of Sinaloa gives people something to talk about on social networks. Why is it?


The video was published by the @AlertaCambio account, very popular for reporting strange facts related to weather and nature, however, it does not indicate in which area of ​​Sinaloa this fish was located.

Sinaloa.- The discovery of an oarfish, supposedly off the coast of Sinaloa, which was confirmed by Climate Change Alert on its Twitter account @AlertaCambio, is giving a lot to talk about.

It is important to mention that the 30-second video shows a specimen of a wide dimension almost two meters, alive and that is exhibited in the box of a blue truck; In the posting of the tweet it is indicated that it was located on the coast of Sinaloa, but they do not highlight in which area.

It is not common for these species to be seen stranded on the beach, in fact, their habitat is in the depths of the sea, and it is very rare for them to be captured and even less so for them to reach the shore by themselves.

According to the belief that prevails mostly among seamen, it is said that when these species come to the surface they are an omen of earthquakes or other catastrophes, and let us remember that just last Monday, a category one hurricane “Orlene” hit the Sinaloa coast. , fortunately without causing damage, but the same did not happen in Nayarit where floods were recorded due to the outflow of rivers and other channels.

Unfortunately, on this occasion it is not specified at what point in Sinaloa the oarfish was captured, nor when, nor time, nor does it provide more evidence of who took it from the coast and exhibited it.

Meanwhile, a few minutes after the video was published by Alerta Cambio Climático @AlertaCambio, the comments were immediate: “Release him please”, “He is alive, return him to the sea”, “The dance will begin shortly (tremors” , “They are going to come out with their rumors that there is going to be an earthquake,” tweeters commented.

According to what they say, in the case of Mexico, the discovery of an oarfish (also known as saber) was recorded in Cozumel on June 11 and ten days later there was an earthquake of 7.5 degrees.

Sinaloa has had seismic peace in the last three months; Since August, the National Seismological Service has not marked tremors in Sinaloa. In that month there were 17, in September none and so far in October neither.

So far this year there have been 105 earthquakes, the strongest reported on January 11 of 5 degrees 122 kilometers southwest of Gabriel Leyva Solano, Sinaloa, so the simple fact of commenting that this oarfish appeared on coasts and the entity puts many on alert.


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