Don’t know how to use a roundabout? They will start an awareness campaign in Mazatlan


Its objective is to raise public awareness and prevent accidents when driving through one of them.

MAZATLAN. – Given the incidence of road accidents in Mazatlan due to not knowing and respecting the use of roundabouts, the Subdirectorate of Municipal Traffic launched the campaign “know your roundabout”, with the aim of raising awareness among citizens and preventing accidents when driving through one of them. 

The deputy director of Municipal Traffic, Sub Inspector Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, commented that in recent weeks there has been an uptick in road accidents at roundabouts, so the aim is to avoid new events that put the lives of citizens in danger. general. 

He explained that due to ignorance on the part of the drivers, these types of mishaps are recorded, so they seek to inform through flyers and direct approach, how the roundabouts are used and what they are for. 

“We are going to be carrying out campaigns in all the roundabouts in Mazatlan, so that they know what the roundabouts are for, how they should circulate in them and more than anything to avoid accidents. Informative flyers will be handed out and we will be in all roundabouts. The call is to respect road signs and devices. In all the roundabouts there are stop signs, you have to arrive, stop and once inside the roundabout they take precedence, they arrive at another intersection and the other must stop and give way, ”he detailed.  

This new campaign will be carried out in the roundabouts in the city, at different times, so that a greater number of drivers receive the information and put the recommendations into practice. 

How to circulate in a roundabout? 

In accordance with the Traffic Regulations of Mexico City, in the roundabouts, any vehicle that is inside it has right of way over the one that intends to access it; In those roundabouts with several lanes, preference is given to those vehicles that make a movement to exit it.  

If the roundabout (roundabout) is made up of a single lane, there will be no major problem if you enter using the turn signals, with caution and given priority, as we already mentioned, to those who are already circulating within it. 

Now, the challenge comes when the roundabout is made up of several lanes, which is where most mistakes are made, not only by those who try to enter, but also by those who exit the roundabout, but in the wrong lane, exposing themselves to an accident and other vehicles. 

Sometimes entering a roundabout is made easier when you come across a traffic light, which not only facilitates access, but also allows traffic inside to flow better. 

Regardless of the exit you are going to take, you must do it in the right lane, however, it does not mean that you must stay in the right lane at all times. 


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