List of Mazatlan neighborhoods that will have to be evacuated due to ‘Orlene’


The coordination of Municipal Civil Protection released the details for the Orlene phenomenon, which is expected to make landfall in Mazatlan.

MAZATLAN. – With the possible arrival of hurricane “Orlene”, and the heavy rains that are expected in the municipality, the Coordinator of Civil Protection of Mazatlán, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, announced the shelter that will house the relatives who live in the most vulnerable areas.

He indicated that there are 80 settlements in risk areas and 25 road crossings that present some type of risk due to flooding, although only 10 neighborhoods are listed as “high risk.”

What settlements have to be evacuated?

Hogar el Pescador, El Toreo subdivision, Salvador Allende, Federico Velarde, November 20, Pino Suárez, La Foresta, Villa Verde Extension, Jacarandas and Golden Zone, from Valentinos to Cerritos.  

19 rural communities are also detected, some will be affected in their farmland and others in their homes, Barrón is the highest risk area.

“The only shelter that will be enabled in the municipality and which is ready to receive 800 people, is the Western Cultural Institute (ICO) if necessary, for this reason the Municipal DIF System will move mats and blankets to the place. educational center,” said Ruiz Gastélum.  

He commented that also in the rural area, the shelters that would be used immediately would be Cobaes 39 in Villa Unión, Technical Secondary School 88, in Isla de la Piedra, and the UAS high school in El Quelite. 

He stressed that if the water exceeds 150 millimeters, that is when the decision is made to evacuate families and move them to safe places.

In addition, he stated that there will be a collection Supply Center point that will be the Germán Evers Gym, where the necessary support will be gathered, while the Cabildo room will be the meeting area to report on the progress of “Orlene”. 

The PC coordinator in Mazatlán was clear in pointing out that a total of 1,080 elements made up of different institutions of the three levels of government are the ones that will be in specific actions to follow.

Roy Navarrete Cuevas, State head of PC, indicated that there are 120 temporary shelters throughout Sinaloa.

Families that will be evacuated depending on the area

Fraccionamiento El Toreo: 60 families affected 

El Toreo subdivision: 40 families affected  

Colonia Federico Velarde: 45 families affected 

Colonia November 20: 120 families affected  

Colonia Pino Suárez: 250 families affected  

Colonia Foresta: 25 families affected 

Villa Verde expansion: 25 families affected 

Jacarandas: 35 families affected 

For its part, in the Golden Zone, from Valentinos to Cerritos, large floods expected


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