The Mayor’s Office prepares the permits that will be issued for Halloween and Day of the Dead


They bet on greater control and where local merchants have preference over foreigners, especially as the different activities and social events are normalized.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Staff of the Official Office in Mazatlan is getting ready to maintain greater control over merchants in the face of upcoming festivities such as Halloween and the Day of the Dead, where locals will always have preference, as long as they also respect the areas and permits, without that street vendors proliferate, said Nayla Velarde Narváez.

The head of this municipal office, pointed out that in the recent national holidays, where only five sanctions were applied to the same number of merchants, out of 53 permits granted for those days, it left a good taste in the mouth, but now they are focused on the next dates to be prepared and determine how many and where the authorizations will be.

“We have to prepare for the most recent dates that are Halloween, and Day of the Dead, so we are working on those dates and we are seeing the permits and the calls for it, the permits for Halloween are going to be sales of costumes and themes, and including the daily sale of food, and for the Day of the Dead, the main thing is the sale of flowers”.

In that sense, he said that like every year at the time of the Day of the Dead, local merchants have the preference, because they are the ones who are in the region all year round and with their income they contribute to pay their taxes and permits.

The senior official of the Mazatlán City Council indicated that, although these traditional festivities seem to be far away, for them it is to advance the logistics and see as far as I know and what not, since after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, little by little the activities they’re starting to get more shape and they need to see how many permissions they could receive and authorize this time around.

The Mazatlan Post