The eyes of the world are on Las Glorias! Foreign tourism returns to Guasave after 10 years


It’s beautiful! The caravans of Canadians and Americans are asking to include the beautiful beach in their tour of the country.

Guasave, Sinaloa. – It’s beautiful! Said Paúl, the Canadian retiree who said goodbye to his stay in Las Glorias this Wednesday, promising to return in January and March of next year, but in doing so it would be with a group of 10 or more mobile homes.

With his limited Spanish and with the help of Carlos Rivera, a tourist guide, the foreigner said that he had not set foot on the beautiful beach for more than 10 years and that if the pandemic allows it, he will continue to visit it in the coming months because it is one of the destinations that the sector to which it belongs seeks.

 “As long as the pandemic does not return, everything will be fine.

-We canceled one year, on January 12 and March 1 (they will return), a little is better for each year. Okay, 10 years passed. Possibly more spaces (needed), with electricity, water and drainage, ”she expressed.

The Canadian heads a caravan company that in winter seeks to go down to the Mexican country to visit or stay in places suitable for them, even with long stays, previously Las Glorias was one of the favorite destinations, today they are back on the road and from there They seek to attract the attention of the authorities so that they provide them with better services.

The foreign tourists were accompanied by representatives of the country’s tourism companies, and experts on the subject, and they assured that even the beautiful beach is better positioned in their preferences than other places that are more developed because what these people are looking for is peace and tranquility in their retirement, an environment that Las Glorias knows how to provide and very well.


The Mazatlan Post