In Mazatlán, inhabitants downtown live among mosquitoes and afraid on contracting dengue


Residents of Luis Zúñiga Street, between Belisario Domínguez and Virgilio Uribe, assure that the mosquitoes have intensified in recent days; they are afraid of getting dengue.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- On Luis Zúñiga street, between Belisario Domínguez and Virgilio Uribe, there is a vacant lot full of weeds that has caused the appearance of thousands of mosquitoes in the area.

Neighbors of the place call on the authorities to maintain the site and also to fumigate the entire area, as they fear getting dengue if they are bitten by a mosquito that causes the disease; In addition to the proliferation of rats and other types of insects .

“It is a danger for those of us who live around here, where one of those mosquitos enters the house is very dangerous, a plague can even form there, it is what scares me the most because the rats cause plague and apart from days I already had to see a scorpion,” said Griselda, a resident of the area.

He assured that it is urgent that the authorities take action on the matter of this problem they are experiencing.

“I work around here, and I hope that a rat doesn’t get into any house or any place around here, because I saw that it got in there through the plants and it scared me, I couldn’t risk it. “, said.

One of the measures that the neighbors have taken is to spray insecticide, to lessen the situation a little.

“Right now we are already looking among the neighbors for someone to do this work so that they can give us a budget and to be able to fumigate, or even if they send us the van that fumigates, the authorities can lend us a hand, we have already made some calls to Citizen Attention, but we have not been attended to,” Marcos commented.

The situation worsens

They point out that in this rainy season the situation has worsened, as the weeds have grown and the number of mosquitoes in the area has increased.

“We have had to buy repellents and prevent water from accumulating in the streets, in our patios, all this in order not to attract these insects,” explained María, another affected neighbor.


The Mazatlan Post