Sinaloa has 154 cases of dengue


The director of Prevention and Health Promotion revealed that the municipalities with the most records so far are Culiacán, Badiraguato, and Navolato.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Despite the rains and floods recorded in Sinaloa in recent weeks, dengue cases have not rebounded considerably; So far, from January to August, there are 154 cases throughout the state, Gerardo Kenny Inzunza Leyva revealed.

The director of Prevention and Health Promotion, without giving exact numbers, stated that the municipalities where there are more records so far are CuliacánBadiraguato, and Navolato.

He commented that of these patients, 67 have non-severe dengue, 76 with a warning sign, and 11 with a serious character; in addition to the fact that there has not been an important rebound this season.

He recalled that from October and December 2021 they took the state as number one in dengue level in the country, since there was a significant outbreak, so they began to reinforce actions.

“All actions began to be reinforced since December, it began with fumigation, descaling, right now due to floods, risk factors are increasing, but there has not been a significant increase in dengue cases and this is due to the work previously made,” he said.

The state official commented that the fumigation is carried out under a strategy, since they have to be responsible with the resources they have.

He indicated that it is not possible to fumigate left and right, since they mainly focus on the places where there is a greater risk of flooding or where a case is detected, the home and the houses opposite and next door are fumigated immediately.

“It is not only fumigated where there is a case, it is a different fumigation, when there is a case it is fumigated inside the home, it is called intradomiciliary fumigation, but we also fumigate several sectors, we fumigate an average of 80 hectares per locality”, he stated.

Common diseases

During this season of rains and floods, the head of Prevention and Health Promotion stressed that so far there are no reports of diseases, although the most common are diarrhea, colds or dengue itself, which may increase, but until moment everything is under control.


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