Mazatlan will have a first-class sports city by 2024, says IMDEM


The director of the Municipal Sports Institute reported that the project has already been sent to the municipal presidency to include the work in the following years.

MAZATLAN. – By 2024, Mazatlan could have a first-world sports unit, with spaces for at least 10 different sports, as expressed by the director of the Municipal Sports Institute, Fabiola Verde Rosas.  

He mentioned that this sports unit will include racquetball, picket ball, and paddle tennis courts, in addition to swimming, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and handball.  

“A proposal that we made was the Sahop sports unit, I don’t know if you know that as the Sports Institute we have been working on building this unit, we are a month and a half away from concluding a first stage,” he declared.  

Verde Rosas pointed out that, by September, they will finish installing the lighting for basketball and handball; In addition, the spaces for beach volleyball will be rehabilitated, but those would enter for a third stage.  

He added that, by 2024, once the entire sports unit is finished, it will enhance Mazatlan in this sports sector, also attracting tourism, joining soccer and baseball, and sports that have their own stadiums.  

“It is to end 2024 with a functional Sahop unit, with more than 10 disciplines hosting, it is a central unit, accessible to all, it is worth mentioning that one of the best aquariums will be found nearby, also with a park at kilometer zero very beautiful, that is why it is important to rescue, we are doing it with our own resources, that is why we are not going in stages”, he said. 

This project of a sports city in the Sahop sports unit, was heard and announced since 2015, which began with an investment of approximately 86 million pesos, of which 48 million were destined exclusively for the Olympic pool. 

In addition, at that time, it was announced that they had budgeted for a professional soccer stadium, sports plaza, athletics track, four multipurpose courts, three volleyball courts, and one racquetball court. 

The Mazatlan Post