Do you have plans to go to Mazatlan in September? Watch out for the mosquito! Expect an increase in cases


The rains have left natural breeding sites in homes and vacant lots said the director of the Mazatlán General Hospital.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the increase in rains and the proliferation of natural breeding sites for the mosquito that transmits dengue, the General Hospital of Mazatlan anticipates an increase in cases in the port.

Con las lluvias, también pudiera llegar el mosquito del dengue

Carlos Leonel Verdugo Hernández, director of the hospital, expressed that it is necessary for the population to carry out preventive and self- care activities against dengue, cleaning their patios, sweeping ceilings and throwing away all those natural mosquito breeding sites such as buckets, lids, tires and other items. that accumulate in the yards.

He stressed that the main symptoms of this disease are fever, muscle pain, weakness, nausea, among others.

“Let there be a rebound in dengue next month, that’s where we start, the rain, the mosquito that is the vector, everything, so I think so, the sewage that remains stagnant, you know that Mazatlan quickly floods, and well, sometimes we don’t have the precautionary measures and promptness to simply throw away the water that remains stagnant at home, it remains in tires, buckets, in the patios,” he explained.

Mazatlan General Hospital warns increase in dengue cases during September

Regarding the cases of monkeypox that have occurred in Mazatlán, the doctor clarified that they do not belong to the institution, since they only had one suspect who was negative.

He stressed that, in these times of pandemic, there have been cases in which dengue is confused with COVID-19 , due to similar symptoms, for which he urged citizens who suffer from these conditions and have doubts, to see a doctor immediately.


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