With Plan DN-III-E and shelters, this is how Mazatlan prepares for cyclones


The cyclone is expected to leave at least 100 millimeters of water in Mazatlan on Sunday.

MAZATLAN. – With the warning of the development of meteorological phenomena in recent days in the Mexican Pacific and the possibility of heavy rains in Sinaloa, including Mazatlan, the authorities presented their First Reaction Operations Plan for Hydrometeorological Phenomena, seeking to be prepared and assist to the citizens in case they need it.  

The coordinator of Civil Protection in the port, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, announced during the first session of the Committee that they estimate a rainy weekend and if the forecast is fulfilled, the level would reach 100 millimeters, according to data provided by the Service. National Meteorological, of the National Water Commission, where it is expected that on Sunday, September 4, the highest amount of rainfall will be recorded.

What is the prognosis?

At the meeting it was highlighted that the forecast for this weekend is that there is a possibility of cyclonic development in the Mexican South Pacific, and in its trajectory it would impact the state of Sinaloa.  

So far the two systems are Low Pressure areas with Cyclonic Potential.

The Mexican Monsoon will also continue to do its thing in the Mexican northwest, mainly affecting Durango, Sonora, Sinaloa and Chihuahua.

municipal force

Ruiz Gastélum said that Mazatlán has a state of force of 1,080 elements and 168 vehicles, as well as the participation of state and federation agencies, such as the National Guard, Sedena and the Secretary of the Navy.

“This plan of operations is designed with a single objective, which is to safeguard the integrity of people, and minimize the damage that could be generated by the rains that may occur in the region and surrounding municipalities,” he said.

He stated that they already have temporary shelters ready, where 5,000 people can be sheltered, if needed. In addition, there is a record in the port of nine neighborhoods that are severely affected, such as Hogar del Pescador, Toreo, Salvador Allende, Francisco Velarde, Ampliación 20 Noviembre, Foresta and Sábalo Cerritos.   

The alarms are also turned on for the rural area, where 19 communities are identified as being the most affected, which is why they already have communication with trustees and commissioners, but the problem would be for farmland with a higher risk of flooding. 

government force

In the city, all areas, from municipal, state to federal, said they were prepared to act in a timely manner.

The Army is prepared with the DN-III-E Plan, in prevention until recovery. While the Naval Sector expressed being ready in the prevention stage.  

On the subject of highways, it is being reviewed and seeks to ensure that they are without complications; as natural phenomena allow if they hit the area. On the subject of the Sanitary Jurisdiction unit, he highlighted the importance of having shelters covered with spaces for suspects of COVID-19 and Monkeypox. 

The DIF Mazatlán System announced that it has some supplies for the shelters, such as 300 blankets and covers, 400 armed pantries along with natural water and personal hygiene kits.

The Aquatic Rescue Squadron, the National Guard and the Roads Division will also participate in the operation; Firefighters of Mazatlán, Mexican Red Cross and the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, as well as the different directions of the Mazatlán City Council and its para-municipalities.

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