The secrets of Mazatlán’s ceviche Kaliwas


Kaliwas has been working for 33 years and is famous for its delicious ceviches that it sells just outside the CBTIS 51.

MAZATLAN. – Have you heard of El Kaliwas?, a popular character recognized by all Mazatlecos, but especially by the students and graduates of the CBTIS No. 51 high school, since they are the ones who consume the most.

Kaliwas has been working for 33 years and is famous for its delicious ceviches that it sells just outside the aforementioned academic unit, but what makes it so popular or different from the rest of the seafood carts? Very simple, it is the freshness and quality of its products, the ceviches are made at the moment, which obviously gives it a touch of unique flavor.  

In addition, their preparations are natural; with chili, lemon, salt, and pepper, the perfect combination to prepare a delicious one hundred percent Mazatlan ceviche.  

“We have been working here for 33 years, we have prepared ceviches for a lot of personalities, even politicians have come to eat here, graduates who have been coming for years and continue to ask for their ceviche or their tostitos, they say that the taste and quality is unique” .  

Their best-selling ceviche is the cochito, followed by the shrimp ceviche and, of course, the sierra ceviche, but one of their favorite products is the one called “ Kaliwazo ”.  

What it’s like? The Kaliwazo can be in two ways, the first is to grab some Tostitos and put them on top of each ceviche, the other is to serve it on a plate and accompany it with baked toast, one of the complements that people enjoy during their visit.  

Photos: Rosina Grave

If we talk about ceviche we can’t stop talking about sauces, because let’s be honest, without a good little sauce, ceviche doesn’t taste the same to us but beware, we’re not referring to sauces that already come in a container, but to those that are homemade and prepared with the molcajete.  

And that is one of the things that makes Kaliwas one of the best places to eat ceviche in Mazatlan, it has two delicious natural sauces, one is aguachile sauce and the other habanero, both are spicy, but the habanero is a little more. And the level of spicy is up to you.  

El Kaliwas lleva 33 años trabajando y es famoso por sus deliciosos ceviches que vende a las afueras del CBTIS 51

When do you find it? The Kaliwas opens from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located just outside CBTIS No. 51. You can buy from half liters to liters and orders of cochito, shrimp and sierra ceviches.


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