Mazatlán, the municipality with the highest rate of home robbery in Sinaloa during 2021


The neighborhoods of the Port that registered the most calls by the 911 emergency service were the Central Zone, Lomas de Mazatlán, Sábalo Country, Benito Juárez, and Flores Magón.

Mazatlan Historic Center
Sabalo Country
Lomas De Mazatlan
Flore Magañon
Benito Juarez

Sinaloa.- The crime of robbery at home remained with a decrease of 39 percent in Sinaloa during 2021, however, Mazatlán was the city that presented the highest number of cases during that year.

According to the diagnosis of Ciudadanos Evaluando, issued by the General Coordination of the State Public Security Council, Sinaloa closed 2021 with 345 complaints of home robbery, however, Mazatlán was positioned as in red, with a 75 percent increase in complaints.

“Mazatlán was the red light of this crime, while in 2020 it presented the third highest rate per 100,000 inhabitants, in 2021 it moved to the first position, which requires greater attention from preventive areas,” the analysis exposes.

The neighborhoods with the highest number of calls to the emergency number for issues related to this crime were: Zona CentroLomas de MazatlánSábalo CountryBenito Juárez, and Flores Magón.

On the other hand, the second municipality with the highest rate of cases for this crime was Ahome with a rate of 20 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Escuinapa with 10.

The observatory of criminal behavior in Sinaloa of the General Coordination of the State Public Security Council details that for each robbery in a home, the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Security (Envipe) estimates an average loss per person affected of 5 thousand 846 pesos.

The analysis of Ciudadanos Evaluando adds that in Sinaloa the total cost as a result of insecurity and crime represented an amount of 3 thousand 463.8 million pesos in general, which on average is equivalent to the value of 6 thousand houses of social interest.


The entity closed 2021 with the fourth lowest incidence rate of home burglary per 100,000 inhabitants.

9 out of 10 home robberies were committed without violence.

Losses per person affected by this crime are estimated at 5,846 pesos.


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