Mazatlan shines in Durango! Concrete stand more than 300 business appointments


In 17 days within the National Fair of Durango, it was possible to promote the tourist destination of Sinaloa before Duranguenses and visitors from the northern corridor; the work will continue, they assure the State Sectur

Durango, Durango.- Mazatlan “shone” with its own light at the Durango National Fair, thus reinforcing that it continues to be the Durango beach, this, by being special guests of the Durango Produce exhibition, where nine Mazatlan companies were present and achieved make more than 300 business appointments, highlighted Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas.

On an official visit for the closing of the Fenadu 2022, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan, had as an initial agenda a participation in the “MZT” stand where for 17 days the beauty of this tourist destination, which was also adorned by members of the Buenos Aires Carnival royalty.

Likewise, Velarde Cárdenas was able to meet with the leadership of Durango Travel Agencies, with whom it was agreed to close ranks so that both destinations can promote themselves and their events, which influence the growth of the visit, both for Durango and Mazatlan.

On the second day of the agenda for the state of Durango, at a press conference, the head of Sedectur reported that the 9 participating companies throughout the days of the Fair had more than 300 business meetings, achieving immediate and medium results. term.

As part of his meeting with the media, the Mazatlan official also presented the new amenities of the destination, for Duranguenses who are thinking of visiting Mazatlan, which include the Central Park, tourist circuits, and soon the New Aquarium, which will be the largest in Latin America.

Both Ricardo Velarde and the Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion of Durango, Elvira Silerio Díaz, spoke of taking advantage of the fact that Mazatlán is one of the four municipalities to obtain the appellation of origin for Mezcal to establish a gastronomic corridor between Mazatlán and Durango, where this new point already exists. of coincidence.

They said that with this, they seek to increase the average stay of tourists in both Durango and Mazatlan, synergizing with the Sectur Durango, to promote both destinations as a consolidated tourist corridor.

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