Mazatlan tourist lost at see after falling from catamaran


Mazatlán.- For fourth consecutive days, elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squadron, of the Naval Search and Rescue Station (ENSAR) of the Secretary of the Navy and Municipal Civil Protection, continue with the operation to locate the young man who last Sunday launched into the sea from a catamaran.

Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, Commander of the group, mentioned that from an early hour the elements are in the area covering the surface but also in the depth of the sea, without a positive result being achieved until noon this Wednesday.

He indicated that since the report was received, the search has been carried out from the back of the Lighthouse, which was where the tourist boat was at the time the incident was recorded, but it has also been extended to both sides with the intervention of divers of these instances.

The body of a tourist who fell from a catamaran on the beaches of Mazatlan, was from Oaxaca

They rescue the body of the catamaran walker who disappeared last Sunday

72 hours after the fall of a passer-by into the sea, who was traveling on a catamaran, was reported, his body was located and rescued this Wednesday by personnel from the Secretary of the Navy, the Municipal Police Aquatic Rescue Squadron and Civil protection.

The deceased today made a reservation with a tourist company in the name of Daniel, from Oaxaca, and last Sunday he boarded the boat Puesta del Sol II for a tour of the bay.

Around 1:20 p.m., the captain of the catamaran reported that in the vicinity of the Cueva del Pirata, behind the Cerro del Faro, one of the passers-by had fallen into the sea, so the maritime corporations immediately implemented a search operation. search, same that continued the following days, as long as the light allowed it.

This afternoon, behind the Cerro del Crestón (Lighthouse) the body was located and aboard a ship from the Naval Search and Rescue Station (ENSAR) it was taken to the Fourth Naval Zone, to be picked up by the funeral home on duty and carry out the corresponding procedure.


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