Mazatlan hosted the 2022 annual meeting of the Turtle network of Sinaloa


After the last meeting in 2018 and two years have passed without this annual meeting, this time the Red Tortuguera de Sinaloa was finally able to have its annual meeting to share the achievements obtained during the nesting of sea turtles, together with the camps that integrate the network.

The turtle groups of the state participate in this event, among which is the Mazatlan Aquarium, as well as representatives from Conanp, Conapesca, Sebides, Fonatur, Pronatura, Semarnat and Profepa.

Raquel Briseño, president of this Network, expressed that it is already 50 years of conservation of this species in Sinaloa, in addition to the 17th anniversary of sea turtle conservation work that goes hand in hand with mutual concern between communities. found around these care areas.

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The presentations will be “Mar Es Comunidad Project” by Jeffrey A. Seminoff, “Characterization of the fisheries of the center-north of Sinaloa that capture sea turtles incidentally” by Stephanie Rousso and “Awareness action plan on the interaction of turtles with trawling nets used in smaller vessels”, by Conapesca personnel.

He highlighted the importance of training fishermen who have contact with the species at risk and that can be seen on the beach during nesting time.

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It was through posters that were posted around the main auditorium of the Mazatlan Aquarium, where the camps showed their results for the 2011-2021 period based on their monitoring, data records, and sample collections where they obtained the number of captures, species, sex, long and curved shell in which they were able to determine certain problems.

For his part, the biologist Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of the Mazatlán Aquarium, thanked the turtle network for its arduous voluntary participation in the northwestern region that year after year presents and promotes the preservation of the sea turtle.

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