Video: Mazatlan ‘Parachutes’, or they comply with security protocols or they will be sanctioned


The “parachutes service providers” are obliged to provide security on tours through the bay

MAZATLAN. – The Regional Port Authority will seek to put in order the providers that offer nautical tourism services this summer, among them the famous “parachutes” .

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Captain José Ángel Treviño Núñez called on the providers of this service to comply with all the guidelines established in the navigation regulations, and prioritize the safety of the users, otherwise they will be sanctioned.

“You have to check the parachute constantly to avoid an accident, we at the Port Authority are working to ensure that they comply with all the recommendations, if you do not comply, your permit will be suspended,” he stressed.  

Treviño Núñez commented that beyond a wake-up call, it is about being able to work together, adhering to the guidelines and permits, to prevent the permit from being withdrawn.  

Staff from the Civil Protection coordination, represented by Jehovan Rivera Delgado, attended the meeting.

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The official commented that it is a priority to carry out constant reviews of all the equipment, from the technical data sheets, the capacity for which they are designed, and to give preventive and correct maintenance to the harnesses and ropes of the “parachutes”.

In March, a video circulated where a tourist is observed falling from a “parachute” on the beaches of Mazatlán.

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