Mazatlán’s Carpa Olivera remains closed to the public after new remodeling work has to be redone


The venue remains closed due to some painting and cleaning adjustments.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa- After a couple of weeks of being inaugurated last June, the Olivera Tent showed some wear on the paint placed in certain areas of the floor, cracking after days of use, so it had to undergo repairs again.

At the moment, the place is still closed to the public, and it has been closed for several weeks for maintenance work, which includes retouching cracked paint, cleaning the slide and various pool areas, among others.


As the attraction is not available, it has generated annoyance for locals and tourists who usually visit it, since it had previously been closed during its previous remodeling, only to be closed again mainly due to incidents that occurred with the painting.


The exact date of its reopening to the public is unknown, however, workers in the area comment that the work would be finished by this Friday, July 8, so an official announcement indicating its new opening would be awaited.


The Mazatlan Post