What happened to the 500 thousand donated vaccines from Texas? 


MAZATLAN. – It was exactly a year ago when the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres , reported that the Texas government would donate 500,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines (Covid-19) for the port, and thus lower the rates of coronavirus infections .  

And despite the fact that he repeatedly claimed to travel to Texas to collect said donation, the Commune responded to a request for information saying that the President never managed such doses. 

The foregoing was observed in the response that the Mazatlán City Council itself gave to a request for information from the transparency department with folio 250485600047721, made by a citizen who questioned the municipal president’s trip. 

“At no time did the Municipal President of Mazatlán carry out the management of receiving vaccines against the Covid-19 virus as a donation, the truth is that the City Councils are in a position to receive donations; however, in the case at hand, as they are medicines, their distribution would not be the responsibility of the H. City Council of Mazatlán, since the protocols of the matter have to be complied with, ”can be read in the document. 

Benítez Torres made three trips, one from August 27 to 29 to Texas , initially it was said to be to Houston; from September 3 to 5 to the border of Tamaulipas and Texas, and on October 12 again to Mission, Texas. 

So what happened to the vaccines?  

Despite being questioned by the media, the mayor was only about to say that the donation of Johnson & Johnson vaccines had to be authorized by the United States government itself.  

Answer that he continued to give in the coming months, but that changed today, since the mayor revealed to the same media that they questioned him before the answer that he gave transparency. 

He declared that the answer was given by a presidential secretary who was not even official and who has reliable evidence to clarify why the Johnson & Johnson vaccines never arrived at the port; among them is the one that a Mexican Ministry of Health rejected them. 

“I have countless proofs that I am going to show you, that what I said is real and if the vaccines did not enter it was for a reason, that the Mexican secretary in charge of doing it did not give us the final permit, but all the procedures were they did, but the vaccines were lost.” 

Benítez Torres reported that he will soon announce all the evidence he has to deny what has been said about him

“It is very contrary to what the media says, totally contrary. I’m going to prove it.” 

Source: punto.mx, elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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