Mazatlan port authority warns tourism service providers


MAZATLAN. – The Mazatlán Port Authority called attention to service providers who do not respect the restriction bulletins due to bad weather and swell, phenomena that are frequently recorded in the bay of Mazatlán.  

José Ángel Treviño Núñez, Regional Port Captain, called a meeting with service providers, after many of them violated the port closure decreed by bad weather caused by “Celia” over the weekend.  

During the meeting, they addressed points such as respect for safety guidelines and training for all those who work on board the vessels.  

Treviño Núñez reiterated his request that the activities be carried out within the legal and security frameworks.  

“This is in order to ask them to comply with all the security measures that they must have on their boats, that the people who work on board the boats are duly trained and prepared, that they have their sea books, their maritime identities at the stream,” said Treviño Núñez.  

He added that talks with nautical tourism service providers are included in the inspection plan, which also includes visits to shipyards, fishing cooperatives, larger vessels, among other modalities, which are reviewed by inspectors.  

For their part, the service providers asked the Port Authority to speed up all their procedures.

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