Mazatlan Elements of the Rescue Squad and Firefighters will receive a course to save lives in fast-moving waters and floods


MAZATLAN. – The elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad and Firefighters of Mazatlan will be participating in a course, in coordination with Municipal Civil Protection, which will be trained to know how to act in the event of a natural disaster, in this case it will focus on floods due to the rainy season.  

Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, commander of the lifeguard corps, pointed out that the courses have to do with freshwater currents and all the garbage that they drag when rivers and streams overflow, which presents a greater risk at the time of a rescue.  

“A rapid water course is coming, which is going to be taken together with the corporations that are Firefighters and Civil Protection, it is part of our work, but now it is in fresh water, with more risk. It will be a talk and we are going to carry out the operation”, Espinoza Bastidas highlighted. 

He added that the idea is to facilitate access to flooded areas, and there is already a smaller panga-type boat, which will help them in a safer way while they carry out a rescue. 

The Mazatlan Post