There will be 120 shelters in Sinaloa for this rainy season: check which ones are in Mazatlan


The coordinator of Civil Protection in the state, expressed that in each shelter a tarpaulin will be placed indicating that people who need them can go there.

MAZATLAN. – At least 120 shelters will be installed in Sinaloa, prior to the rains and hurricanes that are planned for this 2022 and that, until now, have not been used by citizens who feel at risk.  

The director of Civil Protection in the state, Héctor Félix Carrillo, mentioned that they are already coordinated with both the National Guard, the State DIF and the municipalities, registering that the majority are schools. 

“We have around 120 temporary shelters distributed in the 18 municipalities, we are ready to support the society that needs to be sheltered, if necessary… The vast majority of temporary shelters are schools, almost 85 percent” he declared.  

To locate them, Civil Protection will distribute tarpaulins indicating that there will be a refuge, so that citizens who need it can approach it with ease and confidence, strategically placed and not lost in visibility.  

These shelters will have the essentials, said Félix Carrillo, basic necessities, which, between Civil Protection, the DIF and the National Guard, will incorporate, as well as food in case they are also needed.  

“It is worth remembering that Sedena, through the DN-III Plan, are the ones that are going to grant us, we have the bare minimum for what is required in the first hours of assistance,” he said.  

Among these things are mats, medications, first aid care, food, clothing, bathrooms, among other things.  

New shelters in Mazatlan

Christian Bernal

MAZATLAN. – Nine temporary shelters are planned to be installed in Mazatlan, where three of them will be new, and one will be specifically for foreigners or people who stay in the port hotels, as expressed by the Municipal Civil Protection Coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum.  

He indicated that the new points will be in Isla de la Piedra, El Quelite and Villa Unión.

He explained that on Friday they will make a tour with all the competent authorities on the subject of prevention: the Mexican Army, the Navy and the National Guard.

The Convention Center will be the venue for tourists and foreigners.

The Coordinator explained that during the past year only two shelters were used, which were the Lions Club and the Western Cultural Institute, ICO, where around 600 people were treated.  

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