Sales fall to 60% in stores in the Golden Zone of Mazatlan


The leader of the merchants pointed out that with the fifth wave of Covid-19, the decrease in the demand for products was more noticeable.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- At the end of the season for the arrival of foreign tourists and with the arrival of the fifth wave of Covid-19, sales in the shops of the Golden Zone of Mazatlán have fallen by 60%.

Julio Silva Osorio, president of the Association of Merchants of the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, explained that for two weeks the vendors suffered a drop from 90% to 60%.

“Today we have suffered a 60% drop in sales in stores in the Zona Dorada area and we hope that the effects of this outbreak of Covid will not negatively impact the arrival of tourists,” he said.

Silva Osorio is confident that with the arrival of national tourism, due to the summer vacation season that is about to start, sales in the area will increase.

He pointed out that on the days of the arrival of cruises to the port and on weekends, sales will increase by 30%.

“Foreign tourism leaves a very good spill in the destination and in the summer season it declines a lot and today national tourism is what is helping us,” he said.

Economic spill

The merchants’ leader added that they hold regular meetings between the private initiative and the government, as they seek to raise the level of the destination so that the economic benefit is greater than it is today.

For the summer holidays, during the months of July and August, 100% hotel occupancy is expected on weekends and 80% on other days.


The Mazatlan Post