Sea currents drag two tourists, Mazatlan lifeguards managed to rescue them


Mazatlan.- Two bathers who were dragged by sea currents, were treated in time and put on dry land, thanks to the timely intervention of elements of the Municipal Police Aquatic Rescue Squad.

The rescue was carried out in the beach area in front of the Riu hotel, where elements of the Ministry of Public Security together with lifeguards from the said establishment, jointly launched themselves by two people who were dragged out to sea and had difficulty getting out of the sea by their own means.

Once safe, Marcelo “N” and Gilberto “N”, 27 and 25 years old respectively, both originally from Monterrey, only showed fatigue, so there was no need to request medical assistance.

Last week the elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad were quite active, registering a total of 11 rescues to put the same number of people on dry land, the events occurred in three different points of Mazatlan, it should be noted that unfortunately there are also two deaths.

Active Sunday has staff from the Water Squad.

The first report attended to was given in the area known by lifeguards as Sábalo 2, five people, all from Monterrey, including a minor, were rescued after asking for help to get out of the sea, the diagnosis was only fatigue.

In an unprotected area known as La Jungla, near Isla de la Piedra, four minors, originally from Mazatlán, were saved after receiving the report that they needed help when they were trapped in a sea current, after the intervention also it was said that the young people only presented tiredness.

The fatalities are two foreigners, one of them died upon arrival at the General Hospital, after being rescued on the beaches near Gaviotas Avenue, while Jaime, from Tlaxcala, had been lost in a lagoon.


The Mazatlan Post