Warnings issued for Mazatlan beaches


Aquatic Squad warns about the possible presence of manta rays and jellyfish.

MAZATLAN.- Is going to the beach in your plans? Be very careful! The Aquatic Rescue Squadron (ESA) calls bathers to take extreme precautions due to the weather conditions that could occur in the next rainy season, but above all due to the presence of manta rays on the port’s beaches. 

Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, commander of the ESA, said that at the moment it is allowed to enter the sea, as long as the citizens comply with the corresponding care. 

Regarding the burners, he said that their presence has not been seen much, but manta rays have, so they have registered up to two people affected by stings of that species in the last weekend, especially on the beaches of Isla de la Piedra. 

He reported that they will be placing banners and advertisements in some beach areas to alert bathers when these marine animals are present. 

“The entire beach area has flags, when there are burners, one is put up exclusively for burners and so is the manta rays. This is so that people know whether there is danger or not.” 

He specified that it is very important that people heed the warning calls, since if they ignore them they could be one of those affected.  

What to do in case of a stingray or burner sting?  

In both cases, when the sting occurs, the following is recommended: 

• Get the victim out of the water 

• Do not be alarmed, relax and seek medical assistance. It is essential that you are calm.  

• Do not self-medicate. Do not pour any home remedy on the wound, otherwise it could get worse.  

• Let the professionals do their job 

The Mazatlan Post