Mazatlan airport invests 400 million pesos in remodeling; works would be completed in September


As of 2021, a remodeling of the Mazatlán International Airport building is applied to offer a more efficient service to the thousands of users

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The remodeling works of the Mazatlán International Airport, which includes operational areas, and roads, in addition to the provision of equipment and the acquisition of emergency units and rehabilitation of the building, could be ready no later than next September, he said. to meet Víctor Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel.

The administrator of the air terminal in the port of Mazatlan, emphasized that among the projects they contemplate the operation of a single, larger passenger inspection point, with new X-ray equipment.

“Almost 400 million pesos in remodeling the building, which includes operational areas such as runway rehabilitation, rehabilitation of roads, purchase of equipment, purchase of emergency units and the remodeling of the terminal building itself, of which 400 million pesos, 110 They are destined for the remodeling of the building, which includes remodeling inside a single passenger inspection point.”

These works will include ecological refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, the restoration of the new last waiting room with circulation nuclei and the remodeling of the platform that will connect to the positions, so that the passenger does not walk in the open but below of a roof.

He added that these remodeling works will end in September 2022, thus showing a more dignified space to receive both national and foreign tourists who arrive or leave Mazatlan by air.

The Mazatlan Post