Mazatlan is sectioned into 5 districts to improve development


The idea of ​​these projects is to potentiate the destination and give it added value in the eyes of national and foreign tourism.

MAZATLÁN.- After the new MZT brand was launched a few days ago by the municipal government of Mazatlán in search of giving it a better status and renaming the destination in terms of tourism to place it as the best in Sinaloa and the country, the way to section five strategic points of the tourist offer to improve development poles from their investment, visitor service among other things, said Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fisheries.  

He pointed out that the five tourist districts that will be highlighted from now on, in search of better focusing the attractions that the city has, will allow the balanced development of the different areas that tourists are looking for before and during their arrival at the port.  

“The tourist corridor is divided into five zones, which are the Historic Center District, Malecón-Central Park District, Zona Dora District, Marina-Cerrito District, and as a new district we add the rural area, with this we are achieving a balanced investment and that all of Mazatlan has an even growth, as well as its rural area, “said Velarde Cárdenas.  

The official explained that the destination has great events and attractions throughout the year, and the reason for making the districts is so that the areas benefit from the economic spillover and impact on development, highlighting that the entire municipality has to be benefited. in terms of the attractions on offer.  

Within the presentation of the districts, the new website was unveiled, as another great complement to the MZT brand, to the sectioning of the districts, with the aim of making the platform the information reference of what Mazatlan offers. 

He added that these presentations will be announced at the Acapulco Tourist Market, and he also invited all businessmen, hoteliers, and restaurateurs to come to Sedectur and be included in the new page and social networks.  

The Mazatlan Post