José Alfredo Jiménez will have his monument on Mazatlans famous Paseo del Centenario


The mayor announced that the rescue of tourist sites is coming, as well as the creation of others

MAZATLÁN.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced the new projects that are coming to Mazatlan and that are part of the New Urban Agenda Applied from the Local that integrates the UN-Habitat International Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean 2022.

What projects are coming? One of the main ones will be the modernization of the Paseo del Centenario; It will be in the famous “Corazón”, where the monument to José Alfredo Jiménez will be located, right there the giant figure of a serape will be placed, which will represent the Mexican culture, as well as an area of ​​tables and chairs for the gathering of families. .

Said remodeling will include the rehabilitation of stairs, painting, infrastructure and state-of-the-art public lighting.

“They are part of the projects we have for this administration, 6 months have already passed, but they have not been in vain. We have built and designed all of this to come. We know that Mazatlán is in fashion and that with this we will achieve a before and after in our port, turning it into one of the most modern cities in the northwest of the country, more inclusive and safer.”

Another important point was that work will be done on more efficient urban mobility, seeking a future sustainable mobility project.

In this section, 5 citizen transport lines were presented:

Line 1: Venadito – Zaragoza Avenue

Line 2: El Conchi – Galleries

Line 3: Upsin – API

Line 4: Urías Marina Mazatlan

Line 5: El Kraken Stadium

The municipal president stressed that in the coming months they will begin with the rehabilitation of the Santa Rosa, Emilio Barragán and Delfín roads.

The projects also exposed the creation of the Plaza de la Banda, which will be located in the “El Crestón” sewage treatment plant, this place will be transformed into a first-level tourist digit, where homage will be paid to the Sinaloa regional music as it should.

The remodeling of Ancla Street that will link old Mazatlan with the new cruise terminal could not be left out. A totally innovative construction that will give the local and tourist a new place of concurrence.

The private initiative will also be added to these projects with a restaurant/tourist site that will be located in the monument to Pedro Infante.

In the words of the mayor, this project will become one of the most important because it will add tourism and will mean a meeting place for tourists who walk through the port.


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