They were going to war! They arrest five Sinaloans with weapons and explosives in Sonora


The detained men are from Guamúchi, Angostura, and Los Mochis; In addition, the arrest of at least three minors who were part of the criminal group is confirmed.

 With various long weapons, tactical equipment and explosive devices, a total of five men, all from the state of Sinaloa, were arrested in an intense operation carried out in Caborca, Sonora, an area where in recent months the wave of violence has been active. 

According to information provided by authorities of that state, elements of the Ministry of National Defense implemented the arrest actions after a series of surveillance operations in which they detected the armed command, where there were two minors from Caborca. 

It was detailed that, seeing the presence of the security forces, the armed group tried to flee, but they were overtaken by elements of the Sedena who blocked their path and made the arrest. 

It was reported that the men were identified: as Juan Francisco “N”, 38 years old, originally from Guamúchil; Teodoro Ariel “N”, 33 years old, originally from Reforma Angostura; Juan Carlos “N”, age 25, originally from Los Mochis; Rey Jovani “N”, age 16, originally from Mazatlan, all from Sinaloa, and Rigoberto “N”, 17 years old and originally from Caborca.

What was this armed commando who tried to escape wearing?

According to initial information, the seized arsenal consists of 7 long weapons, 6 explosive devices and tactical equipment, as well as chargers and several useful cartridges. It was also established that this group is part of the Sinaloa Cartel with operations in the border area of ​​Caborca, Sonora.

Regarding the minors, it was said that they carried six long weapons, an automatic machine gun and explosive devices, as well as doses of drugs.

The actions took place on May 10, but until today the identification of the detainees, who were secured in the region that joins the Sea of ​​​​Cortez with the entrances to the state of Arizona in the United States, was revealed in detail.

The alleged assassins were traveling in a criminal convoy that included six vans, of which two were hit by military elements assigned to the Third Motorized Cavalry Regiment, which led to the arrest of seven alleged criminals.

The detainees were seized three AK-47s, a 7.62-caliber rifle, an M4 .223-type long weapon, a 5.56-mm caliber long weapon, and a 7.62-caliber weapon, as well as a Browning machine gun with license plate 762D and explosive devices.

In addition, two trucks were seized, one of them is a white GMC Sierra 4×4 model, while the other unit is a white Ford Super Duty model.

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