Agave production will be a new tourist attraction in Sinaloas “El Tecomate de Siqueros”


The area is destined to form the mezcal route, with hectares of agave that will become a tourist corridor.

MAZATLAN.- More than 250 hectares are being used for planting agave in El Tecomate de Siqueros, a Mazatlan union that could become the “tequila” of Sinaloa, but with its mezcal route and be a new tourist attraction for Sinaloa. 

The Secretary of Tourism, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, mentioned that the production of agave would be protected by the Mezcal Denomination of Origin, which, according to the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement, includes the municipalities of Mazatlán, El Rosario, Concordia, and San Ignacio. . 

He added that the project will generate sources of employment for the inhabitants of El Tecomate and surrounding police stations and is added to the list of attractions for tourists who visit Sinaloa. 

El Tecomate de Siqueros

“Beyond what economic development implies, it is a project where there is investment in agave. Beyond the economic spill that could mean, there is a benefit to society and the community”, he declared. 

Torres Noriega stated that the planting and production of agave could draw the attention of cruise passengers and vacationers who travel through southern Sinaloa in search of new tourism products, thus attracting rural tourism.  

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As an investor committed to the community, Steve Craft also wants to build a medical clinic to attend to the health of the inhabitants of the region. 

“It is a very important area for this and also to receive the visit of cruise passengers, tourists, and local visitors. The investor for 4 years realized that it was a fertile land and they realized that in Sinaloa there are working people, ”he commented. 

For his part, investor Steve Craft explained that the idea is to grow and potentiate this part of the rural area and for southern Sinaloa to become a benchmark in the country as a mezcal route.

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