Is rural Mazatlan safe?


Mazatlan is a safe city: Ricardo “Pity” Velarde

The versions that in the rural area there were groups that threatened the military are false

After the news spread that the military was threatened in the La Noria syndicate, the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of the Mazatlán City Council, Ricardo ‘Pity’ Velarde, said that it is false.

He reported that to confirm that there was nothing, he paid a visit to this office, and in conversation with the inhabitants, found that it was false news, for which he considered that it could be a campaign to discredit the security work in the municipality.

The municipal official, reserved to confirm that this is probably a campaign to discredit the issue of security in the port and surrounding syndicates.

He said that today, Mazatlan at the national level is constantly growing, where the security that it enjoys is an item that favors so that it is one of the favorite destinations for vacations.

The secretary encouraged leaving these issues aside for now and focusing more on the positive things that happen to the port, although he pointed out that sometimes there will be those who do not benefit from this constant growth and development that the city perceives.


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