Crypto Volatility and Potential Future – What Can Be Your Strategy?


Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have recently become one of the most talked-about topics in the world. It is no secret that they are considered to be very volatile, which means that their prices can go up or down quickly.

The potential risk of losing money can be associated with crypto volatility. However, it also opens up a range of opportunities for everyone willing to take advantage of them! 

In this article, we’ll discuss some ways you can minimize your losses when investing in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. And also how you can maximize your gains by using proper strategies when trading cryptocurrencies or any type of asset such as stocks or forex currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) at all times!

What Is Crypto Volatility?

Crypto volatility is the degree to which the price of an asset fluctuates about its underlying intrinsic value. In other words, it is the amount of movement in price over a given period. If you have ever been involved with trading or investing, you know that volatility can be both good and bad for your portfolio. 

On one hand, it means your investment will gain more value when prices go up and lose more value when prices go down. However, on the other hand, it also means that your investments are riskier because they are more likely to lose money than if they had been less volatile (and thus their returns were smaller).

Why Are Cryptocurrencies So Volatile?

Why are cryptocurrencies so volatile? Well, there are a few reasons. First, as an asset class, cryptocurrencies have a lot of characteristics that make them more volatile than other investments. 

For one thing, they’re global and their value can fluctuate drastically depending on what happens in another country or region. They also have a limited supply because only 21 million bitcoins will ever be mined (plus the ones that have already been mined). 

If you are trying to invest in any other cryptos, like say, Solana, Polkadot, or Ethereum, you need to look for how to buy Solana. You need to learn about Solana or the particular crypto before indulging further.

And finally, this may come as no surprise. Cryptocurrencies are used for speculation and illegal activities like money laundering. It can cause extreme fluctuations in price when word gets out about these activities happening on exchanges or other trading platforms where people buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies like dollars or euros.

How Safe Is This?

To start, let’s just define what volatility means. Volatility is a measurement of how much an asset’s price can change over time. If a stock has a higher volatility than another, its price will be more likely to swing up and down in value.

So how do you measure the volatility of Bitcoin? Well, there are several ways to measure it, including using daily returns or monthly returns over time. It also includes calculating the standard deviation for each period. 

But no matter which method you choose, it will tell you something about how volatile your investment has been relative to others in that same category (i.e., stocks) but not necessarily what kind of return it might make next year! What if I told my friend they could invest $1000 into Bitcoin right now and make 10% on their money by December 31st? Would they believe me? Most likely not because there’s no way we’ll know what happens between now and then unless someone tells us beforehand (and even then…).

If someone did tell them this was possible though (or worse yet if they believed it themselves), would they still be able to sleep at night knowing that one small mistake could cost them everything? Of course not! So while these numbers may seem comforting at first glance. If anything goes wrong then panic ensues quickly because nothing seems safe anymore without proper precautions taken beforehand.

Potential Future

There are many different ways that cryptocurrencies can be used in the future. For example, they could be used for everyday transactions and everyday purchases like buying groceries or coffee. Cryptocurrencies have a potential future as digital cash and will continue to evolve as technology improves.

The future of cryptocurrencies is unpredictable, but they will likely play an important role in our lives going forward. Even if you don’t think you’re interested in using cryptocurrency now, it may make sense for you to keep up with news about them. So when the time comes for you to try out this new type of currency (or invest some money), your knowledge base is already prepared!

What Can Be Your Crypto Trading Strategy?

Here are the strategies you can use to minimize your risk in trading cryptocurrencies:

  • Use a stop-loss. This will ensure that if your prediction is wrong, you won’t lose too much money.
  • Limit orders. You can set a limit order to buy or sell at a specific price, ensuring that you get the best price possible for your trade. 

However, there are still risks associated with this method because it’s impossible to predict how far (or how quickly) prices will rise or fall after placing the limit order. Therefore, the limit might not be met on either side of the trade when executed by an exchange.

It means missing out on profit or losing more than intended due to sudden market movements before expiration time passes off without reaching its goal price target within allotted time frames specified by default parameters in each platform’s settings panel settings page (for example 5 mins/30mins). Therefore always keep track of all open orders as well as current market conditions before making any decision!

Take profit sooner rather than later when prices are going well so that when things go bad again later down the road from here then there’ll still be some money left over even though most likely less but better than nothing at all! Also never forget about diversification strategies like holding multiple assets instead of just one single type like BTC only which limits returns potential down substantially over time due to their volatility nature.

 So spread out across multiple types such as altcoins like Ethereum Classic ($ETC) which has outperformed Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) lately since mid-2018 year-end date results coming soon soon soon soon.


In conclusion, we recommend you keep your money in crypto, but with a long-term strategy. If you are going to trade and do short-term investments, then stay away from Bitcoin and Ethereum and focus on altcoins. The volatility of these assets is much lower than that of Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

In this case, you have to be careful because there is no guarantee that your investment will not lose value over time. Also, do not underestimate the influence of different factors on the market: regulation changes, new products entering the market, and so on.

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