USMCA Mazatlan-Canada train route corridor ready in 3.5 years



The Caxxor group already has land north of Mazatlán to put the USMCA Corridor to work, which would have an investment of 70 billion pesos, information released by the Director of this group to the national newspaper El Economista.

In the information presented by El Economista, Carlos Ortíz, director of Caxxor Group, assured that the T-MEC corridor requires an investment of 70 billion pesos.

But this group already has a 500-hectare piece of land north of Mazatlan to build what would be the maritime container terminal, which is fundamental to their plans.

The Director highlights that with this a step is taken in his work program with a view to the USMCA corridor starting operations within a period of three and a half years after construction begins.

El Economista revealed that, according to the project, general cargo from Asia will arrive at the terminal north of Mazatlan and where a new commercial port can be developed.

The cargo will be loaded onto a 300 km railway that will cross to the city of Durango to get from there to Coahuila and cross to the United States and Canada.

In the case of other types of merchandise or that it does not come assembled, some of the four industrial parks that are contemplated could go.

According to information released by the Durango authorities, one of these industrial parks will be in this city of Durango, within the Durango Industrial Logistics Center (CLID), and possibly another one in Gómez Palacio.

The director of Caxxor Group recalled that at the beginning of 2020 they heard from Texas businessmen who wanted to develop the port in Sinaloa to have a new outlet to the Pacific.

Later, the government of Durango joined this same request because it wanted a new railway line. Later, the Government of Coahuila joined, claiming to benefit commercially from the corridor.

The Caxxor group has focused this year on carrying out the required technical studies since nearly 70 percent of the rights of way are in the hands of the federal government.

For the Caxxor Group, this means an investment of close to 600 million pesos, of which 125 million have already gone.

In the project of the 300 kilometers of railway tracks, they are supported by the engineering company Aecom, which has a presence in the Mayan Train.

The intention is that in 2023 the federal Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation issues the tender in which they also intend to participate in a consortium that includes national and international construction companies.

Although they are certain that there will be other participants who could win the contest and receive payment for the studies carried out.

At the same time, the issue of the maritime terminal advances, whose news has generated greater interest from investors and large international shipping companies.


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