Tourist impact! Residents of El Quelite ask to rehabilitate the road before the rains


Trustee Arnulfo Páez said that the tender for the construction of the bridge over the Quelite River will end until June 10 and the effects would arrive once the rains begin.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Due to the dates given by the government to complete the bridge, which indicate that it would be delivered at the end of the year, in the union of El Quelite and other surrounding towns, they urge that some paving of the road enabled by below in the river for the connection of the Mexico 15 highway, especially in the face of hurricane season.  

Arnulfo Páez Osuna, trustee of the community, mentioned that it will be until June 10 when the tender for the construction of the bridge over the Quelite River concludes, although it could be before, however, the effects would arrive once the rains began, with which that the currents would grow and would once again leave various populations incommunicado. 

“We have all the faith in the world that the authorities in the agreement that was made that they comply with us now, because we really occupy it a lot, you see that we live from tourism, we live from local commerce, that we have to distribute it to Mazatlan and then it is an access that not only affects Quelite, the highway is a federal access, it is the highway that leads to Nogales.”

Being a community that lives from tourism and local commerce, the lack of access not only affects Quelite, but also the municipalities of Elota, San Ignacio and Cosalá, hence the request to rehabilitate the ford for comfortable access, with a material or folder to give more security to motorists. 

Due to the fact that previously three vehicles have gone to the precipice, he said, in addition, signage in two languages ​​is required, as it is a tourist place, so that visitors do not suffer any mishap, in addition to the fact that this would facilitate access to the tourist community, because access through marble is more complicated, as well as long because of what they have to go around.


The Mazatlan Post