Like London and California! Mazatlan mayor announces Ferris wheel project in Central Park


Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres mentioned that the director Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda was asked to investigate to see the possibility of placing this attraction in the place

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To increase the tourist offer and put Mazatlán on a par with other places such as the Riviera Maya, California, New York and London, the installation of a huge permanent Ferris wheel is already planned in the Central Park, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres announced.

Present to carry out the awarding of the first three places in each category of the first recreational kayak race, the mayor stressed that it is about encouraging Mazatlecos to participate in innovative sports activities, taking advantage of the fact that many people come to Central Park to exercise whether running, skating or kayaking; but also, they seek to give it a plus with new investments.

“We already bring several interesting topics, that little by little we are going to have here, that are going to make a difference, among them the one-kilometer zip line through the park, that is why I asked Pablo to investigate bringing a gigantic wheel like there is in the Riviera Maya, like there is in New York or in other places, because it would draw a lot of attention.”

Benites Torres added that this site will end up being an incredibly beautiful park for the enjoyment of Mazatlecos and tourists, in which they bring several themes that will make a difference, such as the 1-kilometer zip line through the park, some fountains in the middle of the laguna camaron.


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