Sinaloa was very crowded this easter vacation; 2.5 million tourists visited the state


The visitors left a spill of 1,640 million pesos and 27,000 bikers participated in the Motorcycle Week, also leaving a profit of 577 million pesos.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – During Holy Week and Easter, Sinaloa received 2.5 million tourists and they spent 1,640 million pesos, announced Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president in Sinaloa of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism.

Sinaloa was very crowded this vacation;  receives 2.5 million tourists

The business leader acknowledged that Sinaloa was very crowded during these vacations and the 28 beaches that the state has, all were visited by tourists and locals.

He maintained that, during the development of the twenty-sixth edition of Motorcycle Week, 27 thousand bikers participated, 15 who were officially registered and 12 who participated informally.

“It was a very active Holy Week, we closed with a spill of 1,640 million pesos and 2.5 million people visited the different tourist sites, they are hard, real numbers,” he explained.

I add that both the booths in the north and south of Mazatlan were very congested with people who arrived at this beach destination via highway from the north of the state and from the states that make up the Northern Economic Corridor from where 517 charter buses arrived.

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He said that what caught a lot of attention was a group of 45 women motorcyclists who came from Toluca, State of Mexico, with the name of ‘La Perra Brava’, he asserted.

Hernández Fonseca, stated that Motorcycle Week before the pandemic in 2020, left an economic spill of 436 million pesos and this 2022 the spill was 577 million pesos, which means 30 percent more.


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