Mazatlan bus station and highways crowded as vacationers return home


At the end of the vacation period this Sunday, thousands are seeking to return to their places of origin or residence; motorcyclists also undertake their exits through the different streets.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Ready with their suitcases, their faces, and various body parts with a reddish hue from so much sunbathing and resisting returning to the routine, hundreds of tourists from early on Sunday looked for a bus that would take them to their place of origin or residence.  

The Mazatlán Bus Station had a greater flow of people than the day before, that is, on Saturday, informed Fernando López Favela, in charge of the security of the place, highlighted that the passing buses arrived with full units and that in the same shape they came out again. 


“Well, right now the rooms are full, here the rooms are full too, here it is also full, thank God we are doing more or less well here, there are more people than yesterday, yesterday it was a bit lazy and right now there are more or less people , more people are arriving from abroad and of those who are already going to their land and all that”.

He pointed out that the users who packed the waiting rooms, platforms, and exterior of the Bus Station, were from cities such as Tijuana, Durango, Torreón, Tamaulipas, and even Culiacán or Los Mochis. 

López Favela added that despite the fact that in recent days, in which the Mazatlan International Motorcycle Week was celebrated, the participants come on their “steel horses” there are people from their families who accompany them by bus, likewise, they had the influx of tourists that coincided with the event. 

On the other hand, and around the SIMM, from an early hour, toll roads such as Mazatlán-Durango, Mazatlán-Tepic, and Mazatlán-Culiacán, or the free roads began to fill with motorcyclists and tourists who on their own in their own car They arrived in Mazatlan during Easter week or to participate in the event.

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