Tell me what mezcal you drink and I will tell you what agave it is made from


Collective Pisteando con Ciencia explains it to you with a very interesting talk.

MAZATLAN.- What’s up with agaves and mezcal? The collective Pisteando con Ciencia explains it to you with their talk “Tell me what mezcal you drink and I will tell you what agave it is made from”.

This talk was held with the aim of bringing people a bit of science and information about what agave is and what its fermentation process is since it is very common that we only consume the products, but never reflect on what is behind the famous spirit.

Guillermo Millán, Marine Biologist, an expert in agaves, and a member of the group, was the one who led the talk, explaining each of the 14 species of agaves that exist such as: Victoria, Tequilina, Vivípara, and Manso.

“The talk is more focused on the people who are here knowing what an agave is, what are the species from which mezcal, tequila and the different types of mezcal that exist are obtained. It is an informative talk but conducted in an entertaining way, it does not feel like you are being taught”.

Likewise, the history, process, and evolution of the agave were explained, by Carlos Lineo and what the word agave means: “noble”.

“It’s a bit of playing with that, so that people know the menu, what they are drinking and explaining a little where each of these plants is.”

During the event, he tested the attendees, asking them about their knowledge of this plant and about what they learned during the talk.

The talk took place at 7:30 p.m. at the Metl Mezcalería bar, which specializes in the sale of 11 different types of mezcal.

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4 places to savour mezcal in Mazatlan

After having received the Mezcal Denomination of Origin, our port gains strength as a great destination to invest in this line of business, due to the creation of the mezcal corridor in Mazatlan, a project that, if carried out, will attract mezcal companies and specialized restaurants. in mixology.

But the fact that there is no mezcal route as such does not mean that Mazatlan is not advancing on its own in implementing this liquor, which according to connoisseurs heals your throat and even your soul.  

The word mezcal is becoming more and more popular on the menus of bars and restaurants. 

Metl Mezcalería

This is the only bar specialized in the sale of this drink here in the port. In its menu, you can find mezcal originating from different states of the Mexican Republic such as Durango, Michoacán, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Guerrero.  

They also offer prepared cocktails and obviously, these are prepared with mezcal. And how about the food? Let us remember that it is not a restaurant as such, so you will be able to find snacks, yes, very Mexican to accompany your mezcalito such as grasshoppers, tlayudas, cauliflower tacos, pastor tacos, and Esquite with marrow, a classic of the gastronomy of the City of Mexico.  

Where they are located? You can find Metl Mezcalería inside Plaza La Roosevelt in the Historic Center of Mazatlan.  

Casa Analco 

Casa Analco not only offers you a traditional mezcal, but also offers you many options of drinks, we talked about, for example, did you know that there are mezcal raspados? 

Well, even if you don’t believe it, in this place you will be able to find them and with the flavor that you like the most.  

It is located on Calle Niños Héroes number 1511-2 Historic Center.  


Caos is a restaurant that, within its drinks menu, mezcal continues to be the big star. It can be plain with salt and lemon or prepared with some fruit. In fact, they run a super promotion of mezcal or beer for only 95 pesos.  

You find it on Calle Sixto Osuna number 202 in Mazatlan.  

La Querencia 

Although it is not a bar that specializes in mezcal, people also look for this liquor there and boy do they find it because within the menu you can read some dues that are prepared with mezcal. In addition, you can find live music, food, and snacks.  

La Querencia is located on Heriberto Frías street a few meters from Plazuela Machado  


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